About Us

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99.7 Bridge FM is dedicated to the values of community radio. Broadcasting from the Brisbane River to the Moreton Bay region since 1992; we are proud to be the local voice of our great communities!

At 99.7 Bridge FM: it’s the connections we make along the way:

Connecting People 

99.7 Bridge FM connects you to your community, and different communities to each other! We aim to connect the people and share their values’ to bridge the gap between community members and local businesses. We are here to support your needs, by informing you on important issues and make sure your voice gets heard.

Connecting Generations 

Travel with us through time as we bring you classic hits that all generations can enjoy. Whether you used to rock out to them at school in the 60s, or your parents played them relentlessly on road trips, nostalgia will hit everyone. Let us connect the old rockers to the new kids on the block; to share a common bond: Awesome music!

Connecting Communities 

We connect people of Brisbane to Moreton Bay . We believe both areas are one community and we are the Bridge that joins us. Just like the Ted Smout Memorial Bridge that physically connects these communities; we aim on creating a strong vibrant connection.


So cross the bridge and join the community! We’re known for our awesome music but we’re defined by our community values!

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