AGM 2016

99.7 Bridge FM’s Annual General Meeting is on Sunday, 11th of September at the Peninsula Cricket Club, Filmer Park, Woody Point.

If you’re interested in nominating yourself for a position at 99.7 Bridge FM, please fill out the nomination form below and send it to the directed email.

Nomination form

Issue for Resolution

Addition to Clause 7- Admission and Rejection of Members


Replace Paragraph (6) with:

Should an application for any class of membership be rejected by the Board of Management, then the person whose application has been rejected may register a Request for Review to the President of the Board stating reasons for the appeal to be considered.ย  The Board of Management are required to review such appeals no later than the next Board meeting.ย  The applicant may be asked to appear at the meeting to discuss aspects of the appeal.


To view the agenda for the upcoming AGM 2016, please download the Agenda PDF.

Agenda PDF



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