Dave (Big Dave)     Age unknown


Born in Wellington, New Zealand, Dave moved his family to Brisbane in 1989.

He went straight into Brisbane radio at 1008am, 4IP, and then because of work commitments decided Community Radio was what he wanted to do. In NZ Dave worked at a commercial radio station in Wellington known as ‘Radio Windy’ and had his own 6hour Sunday night shift. He gained valuable knowledge of commercial radio and has used that in his radio life here in Brisbane. He was a vocalist in various bands, went on TV in a programme called “Golden Opportunity” and was recalled by the public.

His radio name “Big Dave” came about by his weight, which has been shed, and is known to his softball mates as ‘Doctor Rock’ !!!

99.7 Bridge FM, is now home…and cherishes his programme ‘Big Dave’s Wonderland’ on Wednesday nights from 7-9pm. A lot of work behind the scenes brings that programme to you, to enjoy each week.

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