Golden Boy & Duke

Golden Boy can only be described as a man with half a mission which he chose not to accept. He is a self-proclaimed lover of the arts and historic literature, which includes a collection of Women’s Weekly cookbooks and scripts from Anne of Green Gables. He find solace in working out the progressive wear and tear of tyres on Prius Taxi’s and counting fuel bowsers that no longer have fuel in the underground tanks. He’s twice as talented when working on-air with his beloved colleague Duke and circles every Tuesday on the up and coming calendar a month early.

Duke is our token Canadian at 99.7, but gets mistaken for American quite a lot as he does the NFL show on the Saturday Sports Café with Rich. He’s also been called ‘Captain Canada’, ‘The Big Maple Tree’, and ‘The Canuck’. As co-host of ‘Nothing Original with Duke and the Golden Boy’ he works Tuesday nights hamming it up while being mentored by the Gold Coast’s Golden Boy.
Duke loves sport, both as a spectator and competitor. He loves moose and beaver hunting, but most of all, he loves the Golden Boy! He’s even known to love a chiko roll now and then. His real mentors in the radio game are Atcho and Don.

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